Starting at the end, looking back from The Future

To back into the story that will unfold here, it makes sense to trace time to where Real News Network originated in the form of the Joint Operating Agreement band. We were all employed by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as journalists until 2009 and the ignoble end of our newspaper, and all had a passion for Seattle’s creative music culture despite age and gender, ethnic and generational differences. As the paper began to die its slow death, we began to play and perform or own original music as a way to keep our creative spirits vital on occasional Sundays over the course of the final year of the P-I.

Here are two of the original songs I contributed, “Struck by Lightning” and “The Way Home,” both of which we performed live and then recorded with a digital four-track and mixing on a computer system in my old West Seattle House on Trenton St.

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