The Future of Real News Network and AMB3

The Rock of Angels CD now is fully online at ReverbNation, and the blog here seems to be getting some traction, with Real News Network now ranked No. 35 on the regional Reverb charts (close to 10K plays since first launching the site 10 years in the past). Free music and free expression is what Real News Net is all about.

The Future is a song that sort of sprung from David Crosby’s great “Wooden Ships,” which is the basic E-minor to A-minor structure of what somehow turned out to be one of the best blues-based recordings I have managed to accomplish.

The lyrics refer to how I met my second spouse, Ceceilia, sort of spellbound love at first sight that lasted longer than either of us ever expected for a marvelous decade or more. Of course, there is the end where there is “no future,” or it wouldn’t be a blues song or true in the raw emotions at the core.

The recording features an old Epiphone Les Paul that Lino Fernandez let me borrow, and listening to the amazing guitar sounds it produces, I truly wish I had decided to buy that heavy axe when it was offered. I simply enjoy the mystical quality that seems to resonate from the final product since it was one of my earliest digital recordings

The Future

When I waded into the sea, I didn’t even know how to swim
Yet still I floated as in a dream until the tide washed my body
Back to her beaches

When I walked into the room, She didn’t even know my name
Yet still I felt to blame for everything that would happen
in the future

When she smiled and took me in, I had never seen her face
Yet somehow it all fell into place, like I had been staring
Forever at her picture

When I opened up the door, I heard someone call out a name
Yet it never did sound the same as when she called to say
There was no future

Reflections of a thousand years, she has left me with no tears, no fear
She has painted me into a corner, to drift along in mourning

When I waded into the sea, I didn’t even know my name
Yet somehow I felt to blame for everything that would happen
In the future

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