Real News about Trump Nation

Real News Network editorial opinion: The views expressed by the following song are solely that of the Real News Network fake news editorial board and any resemblance to real people is unintended.

Trump Nation (Round and RoundDonald Trump bald head)
Round and round we spin, like pinwheels in the wind
Round and round we turn and still nobody learns
Round and round we dance, victims of circumstance
Live on TV it's Donald Trump, talking like the Chosen One
Sucking up to Vlady Putin, twisting the truth for everyone
I don't care about his ridiculous hair; I don't care about kitties he's snared
I'm so down with Donald Trump; Build the wall, nobody cares
Round and round we go and still nobody knows
Round and round we spin, honesty the real sin
Live on TV it's Stormy Daniels, talking tough but fading fast
Showing off the size of her payments, soaking up the spotlight, having a blast
I don't care if she made some movies; i don't care about her sordid past
I'm so down with Stormy Daniels, and her oversized rack (That's a reported fact)
Round and round we Tweet like lemmings in heat
Round and round we spin, sucking it all in
Live on TV it's Kelly Anny Conway, bending over for all to see
Dispensing out some alternative facts, warping our realities
I don't care if her husband's a freak; I don't care if she bares her teeth
I'm so down with Kelly Conway; Her lies will set us free
Round and round we go, and now everybody knows . . .
Live on Fox News it's Rudy Giuliani, spouting corruption with wild-eyed glee
Sliced up like a shriveled salami, jowls popping out at the seams
We don't care about his travels to Ukraine; We don't care about his slurred speech,
We're so down with Mayor Rudy . . . Sniffing out those conspiracies

Round and round and round we spin, Round and round and back again . . .