Coronavirus musical journal continued

With 27 days of isolation behind me since beginning this musical journal or journey, it seems more than overdue to go back to my roots in writing to create the transition to the impending new reality that will grip us all post-COVID-19.

Since childhood, I always found ways to entertain myself on a path that was just as exciting to explore on my own as it was in the company of others who might or might not share the same passion for life and joyous but devious devotion to independence. I am quite sure it derives from being a first born son of a first born son and the first born grandson of both sets of grandparents.

Lucky for me, my father was the Alpha-male who kept me in line for at least the first 15 or so years of my upbringing. After I began to drive, life began to expand to horizons I had only been able to imagine before.

Hallelujah below is my 26th day of musical memory on guitar, and celebrates a new milestone in that is a song I had never previously learned to play until this period. I love the Tim Buckley version, but this version certainly owes more to Leonard Cohen. Such a great ode to a lost love, such a “cold and broken Hallelujah.”