Moses Climbed the Mountain 2020

Moses Climbed a Mountain

Endless summer fades to Dorian Gray, another generation has gone astray, another stone to roll away: Thou shall not steal, thou shall not lie

Witness here at the foot of the stage, another congregation bows and prays, another temptation takes us away: Thy kingdom come, on earth as in heaven

Moses climbed a mountain until there was nothing left to see Molten rock, a burning bush, barren trees. Balanced on that ledge, seeking only freedom; He climbed a mountain, and God parted the sea

Sirens scream across the town, another innocent man gone down, Now anarchists reign with Republican clowns: Thou shall not kill. I cannot breathe

The plague of ages marching in the streets, Ignored by our commander in chief[ Cities under siege in the summer heat: I cannot breathe, we cannot breathe

We climbed a mountain, until there was nothing left to see, Burning buildings, fallen statues, uprooted dreams, Bound by our past, we only seek our freedom. We climbed a mountain and now its buried by the sea.

Bible belt turns to combat zone, another 911 on the telephone, Another Presidential tweet to get the fires stoked: Dominate the streets! Make America Great Again

Descend now the chosen one, Another wing in the melting sun, Another false prophet on the run: In God we trust, Thy will be done

I climbed a mounting, and there was nothing left to see, Falling rocks, burning bushes and barren trees, Balanced on the ledge, one moment of freedom, I climbed a mountain and now it’s buried under the sea.



“Moses” is a song written from the perspective of the great leader climbing a mountain in search of spiritual freedom for people in times of trial and tribulation. In its first rendition, it ponders the fate of what would have happened if Moses had missed all the signs from God and returned with nothing but visions of a burning, barren wasteland. Given the state of the nation in 2020, the song was updated with a new sense of urgency and commentary to cover current events. I truly believe folks like Rev. Al Sharpton still embody the spirit of Moses to this day and that our freedom remains a spiritual quest as much as a physical longing that can only occur through the enlightenment within forces such as love, music, joy, harmony and peace of mind.


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