Song Of Johanna Revised and Re-recorded for 2020



I called into the wind, the name of Johanna. I called into the wind and blew her a kiss.

I dream at night I’ve been touched by Johanna, I dream at night no matter how I resist

I slept in her bed, right next to Johanna, I slept in the bed and she tested my heart.

I cry at night for the tears of Johanna, I run all day to make a new start.

Face of the angels, spirit of a soaring dove,

I breathe her name to sing her praises

I follow . . . every trace of her wandering love.

I search the world for words of Johanna, I walk the world for flowers for her soul.

I plant all day, seeds for Johanna, I pray all night and as dawn unfolds.

I shout to God, the name of Johanna, I write her words to sing to the stars.

I live and breathe for a word from Johanna, I live again to make a new start.

Heart of the angels, spirit of heaven above,

I write her name to bring her praises

I trace. . . every step of her lifelong love.

I waited at the gates for Johanna, I waited 10 years and came back for more

I waited my whole life for Johanna, I wait for the day she opens the door

Soul of the angels, wings of a wayward dove,

I call her name to chant her praises

I trace. . . every breath of her fleeting love.

I write every day in the name of Johanna, I write every day to speak to her mind.

I look everywhere for signs of Johanna, I look everywhere, what she allows me to find.

I work so hard for glances from Johanna I work at night and into the sun.

I wander the earth in search of Johanna, I wander the earth in search of her love.

I believe in life because of Johanna,I believe in hope in the nights that I dream

I believe in love with thoughts of Johanna, I believe I shall never know such love again.


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