COVID-19 Blues

COVID-19 Blues
Woke up this morning and turned on the news
Brushed my teeth and shined my shoes
The President was saying he knew the truth
It’s all a hoax, you have nothing to lose
Then the stock market tanked like a lead balloon
Now I’m broke at home with the Covid Blues
Went out to Walmart for some toilet paper
Wipes and a mask to make me feel safer
Shelves were bare, everything was taken
Now I’m sitting here all constipated
Holding my gut, back on the stool
Bearing down with the Covid Blues
Checked on Facebook to find my friends
Bob vowed freedom to the bitter end
Said he would die before he’d bend
Posed with his guns live from his den
Freedom gives him the right to refuse
Now he’s on a ventilator with the Covid Blues
Went to the doctor to check my cough
My fever soared, my taste was lost
He said stay at home son, that’s what’s best
Don’t come back here until you’re tested
Nothing works no matter what you choose
We’re all living with the Covid Blues
Called upstairs for my beautiful wife
She yelled back down, ‘Have a good life!’
Told me she was tired of wasting time
The virus had changed her mind
I thought Hannity said, ‘It’s all a Ruse’
I’m dying alone with this Covid Blues.
Woke up this morning and turned on the news
The President was singing Covid Blues
The Covid-19 Blues -- Angelo's coronavirus isolation journal day 34, May 1, with a new song by AMB3

Anyone Can Be an Angel 2020

Anyone can be an angel,
Just spread your wings and sing your song
You’ve been living these words all your life now
This voice still clear and strong
Everyone believes in angels.
You just close your eyes and begin to sing along
To lift your heart, to lift your soul
No one chooses to be an angel, You either are one or you are not
But everyone sings with the angels, It’s a song no one can ever stop
You can’t plan to become an angel, the keys may not fit the lock
To release your heart, to release your soul
Songs belong to the angels,
Strum the chords and the notes come to pass
Open your soul to breathe deep, The tune will come to you at last
Hear the words of the angels, join along on their rising path
To lift your heart, to lift your soul
This song is for all the angels
Who spread their wings in times like these
We can never stop telling them how much they are truly needed
How they rise above and beyond, How they help the blind to see
To save our souls, to save our souls